Creating Oomiya Shinobu fron Kiniro Mosaic is straight forward, sans the jacket.

Managed to make some characters in the recently localized release of Koikatsu Party on Steam. Pictured here is Togame Momoko from Magia Record and Hoshino Miyako from Wataten.

Apparently, the Nanoha and Madoka crossover is a reality. It’s the next event in the Japanese Magic Record.

While my quest to summon limited five star Kujou Karen failed, only managed to get five star Hifumi, now aiming for five star Koyume and I get five star Cocoa. This is a rateup Gacha, right?

I kind of wanted a 5 star Koyume, but it’s finally coming. The thing is, am I lucky enough to summon her in the gacha.


Masuda has confirmed that Pokémon who aren't in the Galar Pokédex can't be brought into Sword & Shield from Pokémon Home due to balance and development time concerns:


At last, I finally got a five star Youko (Sports Festival) after 14 pulls. Kind of wanted 5 star Eiko, but Youko is good

No special five star Youko, Aoba or Eiko, but aside from getting two copies of Inuyama Aoi, I finally got five star Kaoruko and Chiya with 13x 10 rolls so far.

I rolled a banner in Kirara Fantasia and all I got in 6 rolls is two Inuyama Aoi cards, which is not even in the rate up. And they happened two times in the row. I don’t need a reawakening for a five star rarity card.🤷🏻‍♀️

So far, I feel that nobody seems to care how much effort I put into creating content with the lack of comments. If you want to see future content, please leave a comment. It will be a big help.

At last, I maxed out Christine Junna. It took some stamina refills, but it’s worth it.

Finally unlocked Sharo’s special weapon. It took a while, but it’s worth it.

Thought it will take 80 pulls, but I got my favorite character from Gochuumon in 50 pulls.

Added friend code for Revue Starlight to the about page:

The profile for that game is also attached to this tweet.

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