Added friend code for Revue Starlight to the about page:

The profile for that game is also attached to this tweet.

Now the actual ranked battles are brutal. Only won 11 out of the 20 matches. Some losses are because of silly misclicks and bad luck.

B1 ranking it is.

Still frustrated by the lack of comments. I feel that my effort in writing these posts. If anyone have any suggestions on how to get more people to comment, feel free to share them.

These are the next two series I plan to read next during April and both are receiving anime adaptations in the future.

This includes:
Machikado Mazoku
Ochikobore Fruit Tart - and apparently, the main girl (Sakura Ino) favorite things has girls as one of them. 🤔

Didn’t get Shizuku, but I almost got all the rate up characters from two banners and two five stars. I guess my luck is good today.

420 supporter points. I never expect that to happen.

And yes, this happens to be Magia Record’s April Fools joke. A sports meet with three playable mini games.

Gacha disappointment again. Didn’t get a 4 star Hazuki Shizuku, but I get a 5 star Iichi Yui and a four star Azusa, Yaya, Isami and duplicate copy of Uki. That salt 🧂🧂🧂, but I still have time until the pickup ends.

As March ends, the total number of comments for the month still disappoints. However, the search traffic is finally starting to rebound thanks to the move to PHP 7.2 and the new theme improving page loading times. Hopefully we will do better next month.

Yes, the first volume of Magia Record manga adaption just released a few days ago. I bought a legal ebook copy and will eventually review it after I finish the second volume of Comic Girls

Finally got Nemu. Now that took too long to get after all the salt from receiving only 2/3 star magical girls and Memoria. In the end, it’s worth it .

Yet again, that Gacha is unpredictable and gave me a five star Cork instead of Hannen Hiroe for her pickup event.

At least my five star Naru finally got to her evolved form.

Yet again, that Gacha is unpredictable and gave me a five star Cork instead of Hannen Hiroe for her pickup event.

At least my five star Nauru finally got to her evolved form.

There is more Gacha salt where that came from. Rolled a 10 roll and got a four star Chino again.

I find it hilarious how you make so many rolls that you end up with a four star rare that is not in the pick up rate up. Yes, It happened again. Instead of rolling for Touka, I got Kokoro instead.

My team in Kirara Fantasia as of now. Finally evolved Rize and is currently the strongest member of the team.

Somehow, I get this five star card and not the one in the rate up. Gacha RNG is unpredictable.

Since I felt like it, I started playing another gacha mobile game. It’s oblivious who I started with.

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