Somehow, I got Miki Sayaka on the first 10 Gacha roll. Is this game telling me something since I already have Kyouko?

Kind of expected more Kyouko and Sayaka in Kyouko’s Valentine’s event. At least Sayaka shows up.

Also, Kyubey trying to manipulate a little girl into becoming a magical girl to save a sweets shop, but fails.

First chapter is done. Obviously, Iroha made a contract with Kyubey, clever.

Lil’ Kyubey on the other hand, seems harmless since it can’t deceive girls into becoming magical girls, right?

Finished the second part, now onward to the third part when I have the time. Of course, Iroha is still looking for that Lil’ Kyubey. Also, Yachiyo blocking the way and serving as a boss to end the second part of the first chapter.

Noooo, kill it with fire!

Apparently, there is a small version of Kyubey in this game.

I wonder what I got myself into, jumping down that rabbit hole of mobage and gacha games.

Manaria Friends Ep 3 - It’s a nice episode as Anne spends time with Grea. It kind of feels like a date of some sort, especially that scene when they are on the boat. Also, Miranda apparently makes cosplay during her free time.

At last, the Surface Pro 2 is being retired, meaning I kind of have a better tablet to play those gacha games. I may cover these in my blog in the future if anyone is interested.


7thシングル Wonder Caravan! 発売日!




エジソン! ありがとうございました!

Wonder Caravan!






I find it amazing that Tamako actually said Yuri to describe Kana’s crush on Hizume

Finally beaten Let’s Go Eevee. Took about 25 hrs and 33 min to beat. In comparison, it took me 27 hrs and 28 min to beat Ultra Moon. It could take a bit less time if I wasn’t under leveled and wasted bunch of time.

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