Darn, I got spooked by Kokoro again after 100 rolls. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Is Mana’s older sister, Aone approving Mana’s relationship with Sayu after complimenting Sayu for helping Mana return to the stage? Most likely

After 23 rolls, I managed to get spooked by another 6 star stage girl. At least is one of the event ones.

At last, Tamaki Ui now have a swimsuit outfit in Magia Record in the Japanese version.

I kind of want Swimsuit Kaoruko, but would I have good enough luck to manage to summon her with 3300 star crystals?


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2人目は「こみっくがーるず」かおすこと萌田 薫子(CV.赤尾ひかるさん)です! とっておきは「流れるかお寿司」🍣✨

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Today’s free 10 summon, I managed to pull a five star Momoki Run. Second five star after the first from yesterday.

At last, I fully awakened Yamaguchi Kisaragi and also managed to pull Noda Miki as well, which are the two most enjoyable characters in GA Art Design Class

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