New post: Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! – Episode 7 – Miyako’s Forgotten Birthday and Hinata’s Older Sister Withdrawl

That Newcomer’s Guide to Japanese Games as Practice is now updated with some new useful mobile apps and mentioning the use of Mobage as practice material -

Besides destroying the school, she destroyed the library two times already. There is no wonder nobody wants her to participate since she is too powerful.

Mysteria Friends Ep 5 - While it’s surprising to see the academy get teared up by monsters, Anne felt left out. In the end, it’s a drill and Anne saves Grea against a fake wood golem, but causes more damage to the school. It’s a reoccurring theme with Anne destroying stuff.

New post: Endro! – Episode 6 – Demon Lord Fevers and Mao’s Lonely Past

Somehow, I got Miki Sayaka on the first 10 Gacha roll. Is this game telling me something since I already have Kyouko?

New post: Bang Dream! Second Season – Episode 7 – Tae Reunites With An Old Friend

@KaiPercival Twitter has gone downhill. Already lost 5 followers in the last 30 days.

New post: Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! – Episode 6 – Miyako’s New Friend

Kind of expected more Kyouko and Sayaka in Kyouko’s Valentine’s event. At least Sayaka shows up.

Also, Kyubey trying to manipulate a little girl into becoming a magical girl to save a sweets shop, but fails.

New post: iPad and Anime Blogging Revisited – The Ideal Tablet for Japanese Gacha games?

First chapter is done. Obviously, Iroha made a contract with Kyubey, clever.

Lil’ Kyubey on the other hand, seems harmless since it can’t deceive girls into becoming magical girls, right?

Manaria Friends Ep 4 - This episode is a rather subdued one as Anne spends time with Grea before exams as she plays a piano in a garden. During the study sessions, Anne becomes lonely and Grea notices after the exams. With exams over, hopefully they will spend more time together.

The funny thing is that the voice actress for Princess Rona in Endo, Asakura Momo also voices Tamaki Iroha.

Yes, it’s that Magia Record mobile game that is apparently getting an anime adaptation in the future.

Finished the second part, now onward to the third part when I have the time. Of course, Iroha is still looking for that Lil’ Kyubey. Also, Yachiyo blocking the way and serving as a boss to end the second part of the first chapter.

New post: Endro! – Episode 5 – Princess Rona’s True Love is a Girl

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