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New post: Endro! – Episode 4 – Island Beach Fun and Sea God Slaying

New post: Bang Dream! Second Season – Episode 5 – Chisato’s Worst Kept Secret

New post: Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! – Episode 4 – Summer Break Sensation

At last, the Surface Pro 2 is being retired, meaning I kind of have a better tablet to play those gacha games. I may cover these in my blog in the future if anyone is interested.

New post: State of the Blog – Addressing my Frustrations and Changes for the Future

New post: Bang Dream! Second Season – Episode 4 – Kokoro Making Flying Possible

I will be addressing the state of the blog and future plans tomorrow. I felt that the situation of the lack of comments is starting to hurt my motivation to blog.

From the look of things, the latest editorial post did not meet the expectations I expected in terms of comments. I guess I have to eventually write a post addressing the state of the blog.


7thシングル Wonder Caravan! 発売日!



New post: Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! – Episode 3 – Sugoroku to Cure Miyako’s Shyness and Hinata’s Big Upset

New post: Bang Dream’s Popularity Two Years Later, Girl-Band Boom or The Raise of Mobage?

From the looks of at the stats and trends, this month is going to be a bad month for the blog due to lack of interactions (likes and comments). In a post made last year, comments are very important to me and affects my motivation to blog.

Compared to last year, this month is off to a terrible start with a huge drop in comments. I think there needs to be some changes to the content to encourage more engagement before it gets worse.

New post: Endro! – Episode 2 – The Quest to Select a Party Leader


エジソン! ありがとうございました!

Wonder Caravan!



New post: Bang Dream! Second Season – Episode 3 – Asahi’s Band Searching Struggles

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