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I am fustrated that my post last week hardly received any recognition in forms of likes and comments. I hope this trend does not continue or it will affect my motivation to blog.

Hardly any comments from last weeks posts, which is disappointing. I hope this doesn’t become a trend as we are still behind compared to even 2017.

New post: Re:Stage! Dream Days – Episode 7 – Preliminaries and Mana’s Bad Memories

Is Mana’s older sister, Aone approving Mana’s relationship with Sayu after complimenting Sayu for helping Mana return to the stage? Most likely

New post: Granbelm – Episode 7 – The Tragic Downfall of Anna Fugo

New post: Machikado Mazoku – Episode 6 – Caring for Momo and Mission Accomplished?

New post: Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? – Episode 7 – Zina Discovers Satomi’s Secret Identity and Strange Idol Competition

New post: Re:Stage! Dream Days – Episode 6 – Mana, Sayu and Minori Meets Their Future and Friendly Rival

New post: Granbelm – Episode 6 – Origins of Anna’s Jealousy towards Ernesta

New post: Machikado Mazoku – Episode 5 -Shamiko Protecting Momo’s Laptop from Obstacles

New post: Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? – Episode 6 – A New Silver-Haired Rival


When the ill-informed are being critical of the gaming industry and community, this is a very powerful story. The facts are that countries with high per capita gaming revenue have fewer gun-shooting deaths. Except the US, where 4% of the population own 43% of the guns.


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Kireina Yuri

Kireina Yuri (綺麗な百合, Lit. Beautiful Lilies) is an Anime community that focuses primarily on Japanese media that have Yuri/Lesbian romantic relationships and Girls Club genre shows. With the growing popularity of Yuri anime in 2018 as more Yuri related anime release such as Citrus and Kase-san with more on the way, I wanted to create a community focusing on Yuri and Girls Club anime, manga and video games, which have some yuri elements. This is an extension to our forums. Our forums can be accessed at here