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This mastodon instance focuses mostly on Yuri or Girl's Club discussion, but you may discuss anything as long it does not break the rules as follows.
  1. No Nudity, Pornographic or sexually explicit content. This community is PG-13. NSFW content must be stated as such and put in spoiler tags and must not be sexual. Imagery associated with hate movements and groups (e.g. Confederate States, Alt-Right, etc) are prohibited.
  2. If you are sharing artwork, unless you own it, you should credit the artist.
  3. Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, and Hate Speech and abusive behavior such as harassing others, starting flame wars, and internet trolling are not allowed.
  4. Do not link content that is illegal or links to pirated materials that you do not own rights to such as torrents or illegal streaming sites. You may link to legal streaming sites like Crunchyroll.
  5. No spamming.

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